Friday, March 28, 2014

A Little Tongue Tied

Written Originally 04/19/2013.....

So much has occurred since my last post and you would think I would find it easy to write all about it today. However, with the recent darkness and the sad decision by Congress a couple of days ago, the words are just not flowing like they usually do. And if you know me and know my history of having to wear a "mouth necklace" along with a dunce cap for speaking too much in Elementary School, you know that finding it hard to express myself is somewhat surprising, if not a miracle. 

I will do my best, push forward and fill you in on our recent escapades and future plans because I know you all have been waiting with bated breath....

The purchase of our "Lease to Purchase" home has been completed and there is much relief that we can now do what we want to OUR space. Hubby has started his new position and finances have stabilized. His business is in the process of being sold  and we have felt a relief and heavy burden lift from our shoulders. We feel like the warm Spring weather has definitely brought new life to our family.

The garden has been started. It is a work in progress to get it to the exact look that I want and expect it to take a couple gardening seasons to be even close, but it is a start. My asparagus has already begun to pop through as well as the onions. The strawberries are in their second year and are doing well. I fear they will be trying to take over the whole garden if I'm not on top of them everyday. Almost all of the 15 beds have been planted. I am just waiting for a little warmer weather to plant the corn.

The two blueberry bushes I purchased this year are in the ground and the Concord grapes, Red Seedless Grapes, Black Raspberries and Brandywine Raspberries are waiting to be planted. I still plan to purchase some fruit trees and Golden Raspberries this year and next year I will add more blueberries and grapes.

We are very excited for the other two additions to our homestead this year; our flock of chickens and a puppy.   Our chicks should arrive the week of the 24th and we are counting the days. I have only ordered 5 chicks; one for each of the kids and one for myself because, hey, I'm just a big kid when it comes to pets anyway. I let each one of the kids choose the type of chicken they wanted, each different, so that they are easily distinguishable. A is getting a Plymouth Barred Rock, Z is getting a Golden Buff, I is getting a Rhode Island Red,  K is getting an Australorp and an Ameraucana (lays greenish blue eggs) is coming for me!

Our puppy, Joey, as has been named by Z, is only about three days old today and should be arriving at around 8 weeks. My older sisters dogs had puppies and of course I have to have one!  They are black lab/rottie mixes and so so adorable.

For this year, I'm thinking its about all we can handle, but plan for next year to add a Top Bar Beehive
as well as a Nigerian Dwarf Doe. Again, if you know me, you know that having to wait patiently is very difficult and I keep having to stop myself from contacting people selling their goats.

Otherwise, we are waiting for school to end for the school year, especially since our youngest son and the neighbor boy plan on living outside like Native Americans all summer. Totally cracks me up, but hey, I'll let him try it. We also have a trip to Williamsburg, Jamestown and of course Busch Gardens on the agenda and lots and lots of camps. Hubby will begin traveling with his new position so it will be an interesting adjustment, but we are ready for the task!

Maybe I wasn't tongue tied after all  ;)

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